Valhalla Stables

Where horses live within their natural envirnoment

Valhalla Stables offers a wide variety of services from boarding and training to horses for events and wrangling for films.  We offer a traditional, more natural approach to horse care and use.  The horses here, for the most part, get to go out in the herd and live as nature intended.  This often seems to eliminate many of the problems brought about by over control and micromanaging the horse.   Our disciplines are varied, from English and Western to a military seat.  Our horses may go chase cows on a Friday night and then turn around jump walls chasing foxes on Sunday.   Valhalla features about 50 acres of broken terrain for grazing, two paddocks, an eight stall stable with hot water wash rack, a heated tack room, and trails to ride with cross country jumps.  We live on site to over-see the herd.


    The land on which Valhalla Stables sits has been in the Golightly family since the mid-19th century when  James Dickson Golightly immigrated here from Scotland after a short stop-over in Nova Scotia.  Known as Golightly's bottom, the land has come down through the family on my mother’s side (my father's side is German.  I am the 8th generation Kerns in the valley. Much of the Shenandoah Valley was settled by German, Scots, and Irish).  Divided up through the years, I purchased the last largest tract in 2000 from my aunt.  In 2002, the stable was built. I chose the name Valhalla (the Hall of Heroes) because of my Celtic/Germanic heritage and the Norse influence on both.  I thought it was fitting as my horses have always been the heroes.


    The location is about five miles east of Winchester, on the north side of the John Mosby highway, modern route 50.  The acreage is situated in both Frederick/ Clarke county, the Opequan ( O-peck-an) creek bisects the farm and is the border between those two counties.   The access to the farm is off East Parkins Mill road. 
     Follow our activities on the Valhalla stables and hounds facebook page or the Valley Light Horse page.